Tracy Arch

Trade Mark Attorney, Partner, Barker Brettell


Trading online can present a number of headaches and issues and this presentation covers the legal aspects of trade marks, company names and domain names as well as the dos and don’ts of linking, meta-tagging and Adwords. Overall it will provide top tips on best practice from a legal perspective.

James Rodger

Managing Director, Retail IT


James Rodger from Retail IT will explain how independent retailers can - through today's technology - become equipped to compete with their bigger chain competitors.

By drawing on how large retailers operate their omnichannel offering, he will explain how the type of functionality and features found in larger chains, can now be easily adopted and used by independents and smaller retailers.

Bill Wilson

Founder, Atom Pictures


Drawing on 30 years of creative direction, Bill Wilson, will talk through all the aspects of TV advertising and how to get the best value for your budget. With information for ‘New to TV‘ marketers as well as more experienced advertisers, he will look at some of the myths and misinformation that often keep businesses away from TV, as well as offering structures to maximise your marketing budget across multiple medias and get the most bang from your advertising buck.

John Southall



John will explain the role of Health & Safety in a business within a commercial context.

Chris Jones

Commercial Director, Lock Stock


Chris will talk about various aspects of physical print as a valuable marketing tool including personalisation and how to get the most out of print within omni-channel campaigns.

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