Tod Norman
Communications Planner, Royal Mail Marketreach


In our latest research, we set out to understand how people of different ages consumed, interacted with, and felt about mail. We discovered that the differences we had seen were linked to age, but age alone is not a strong differentiator. Our path led us to analyse consumers by life stage. In this latest insight, The Life Stages of Mail, you’ll find what differentiates the life stage groups is their attitude and response to mail, but also what they have in common: They all find it relevant, motivating and valuable.


Tod Norman is the Communications and Content Planner at MarketReach, the research arm of Royal Mail, that creates information and helps communicate how mail contributes to successful marketing campaigns.

The role makes use of his varied experience. For over 30 years he has worked across a range of marketing service agencies, including research, brand, direct response advertising, and new product and development consultancies for both B2C and B2B clients. He has also worked within client companies.  During that time he has created new research techniques, helped create numerous award winning campaigns, published articles and contributed material to books, and spoken widely at events hosted by organisations such as the DMA, IDM, ISBA, IPIA, DCA and others, gaining accolades for his presentation content and style.

Described by one client as an ‘Eclectic Consolidator’, Tod prefers to describe himself as a proponent of integrated insight leading to ‘Muscular Planning’ which helps create not just interesting but commercially leverageable findings and successful strategies and tactics.