Jason Spencer
Business Development Director, ITV


Jason will share how businesses can harness the power of TV regardless of budget through working in partnership with ITV to drive brand and business success, as audiences’ viewing habits evolve.

Michael McIntyre
Group Business Director, Global Radio


Michael will talk about Digital radio opportunities and also share recent research by Global about the psychology and recognition of sound.

Tod Norman
Communications Planner, Royal Mail Marketreach


In our latest research, we set out to understand how people of different ages consumed, interacted with, and felt about mail. We discovered that the differences we had seen were linked to age, but age alone is not a strong differentiator. Our path led us to analyse consumers by life stage. In this latest insight, The Life Stages of Mail, you’ll find what differentiates the life stage groups is their attitude and response to mail, but also what they have in common: They all find it relevant, motivating and valuable.

Libby Plowman

Product Manager, Callcredit


Understanding your current customers and prospects is key to ensuring relevant marketing communications and efficient targeting. Libby will explain how CAMEO does this and the value it can add to your campaigns.

Kate Nightingale

Founder, Style Psychology


With growing use of digital solutions by customers for shopping, the stores need to take a different role; that of providing entertainment and a chance to connect with a brand on a much deeper, human level. In this talk, consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale will talk about what Human-Centred Customer Experience is, why it is a key part of the future of retail and what role senses play in building such an experience within your store.

Steve Harris

Founder and Managing Partner, Energize Learning


Steven will outline the key factors necessary to ensure that your teams are maximising sales, average spend and conversion. Using humour he’ll cover the importance of staff attitude, mind-set and motivation in adopting the right front line behaviours, explain pragmatic techniques to help front line teams engage effectively with their customers and describe the role leaders have to play to ensure that any improvement in customer engagement is sustained over a period of time so it becomes “how we do things around here”.

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